Research Activities at Coral Reef Watch

The core of NOAA Coral Reef Watch's activities rests with our daily global and regional 5km coral bleaching heat stress products, as well as other experimental products within our decision support system for coral reef management.

However, we also are active in research activities with partners in the US and international coral reef communities. Some research efforts are one-time investigations, while others may eventually lead to next-generation operational data products.

The ultimate goal is to incorporate satellite-based, model-based, and in situ, biogeophysical data to provide information, tools, and expertise on coral reef ecosystem threats for resource managers, scientific researchers, decision makers, and other stakeholders.

NOAA Coral Reef Watch's research activities with its scientific and management partners around the world are critical to the success of our program. Most of our data products, experimental and operational, would not have been possible without our many research partners.

See a list of Coral Reef Watch papers that have been published in peer-reviewed literature, most through scientific collaboration.

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