Experimental Products

Near-Real-Time Monitoring:

Daily 5-km Satellite Product Suite (Version 2)
High-resolution daily 5-km products

Coral Disease Outbreak Risk Maps
Disease Outbreak Risk Maps
Light Stress Damage
Light Stress Damage Image
Short-Term SST Trends
Short-Term SST Trend Image
Sea Surface Wind - Doldrums
Doldrums Map


Probabilistic Four-Month Coral Bleaching Thermal Stress Outlook (Version 3)
Probabilistic Four-Month Bleaching Thermal Stress Outlook


Thermal History
Thermal History Historic Variability Map
Bleaching Stress Return Period
Return Period Image
Larval Connectivity
Larval Connectivity Image
Ocean Acidification
Ocean Acidification Image

Discontinued Products:

Enhanced twice-weekly 50-km Product Suite (October 2007 - October 2014)
E50 products

7-Day Bleaching Weather Forecast
Bleaching Weather Image

Remote Sensing Data Sources Online
Icon for Remote Sensing Data Source Online

This page hosts NOAA Coral Reef Watch's experimental satellite coral bleaching monitoring and modeled outlook products. For detail on any of these products, please check out the particular experimental product web page.