Quick Access to Coral Reef Watch Products

Near Real-Time Monitoring:

Daily 5km Satellite Coral Bleaching Heat Stress Monitoring (Version 3.1)
5km Coral Bleaching Heat Stress Monitoring

Daily 5km Satellite Regional Virtual Stations (Version 3.1)
5km Regional Virtual Stations

Daily Global 5km Satellite Marine Heatwave Watch (MHW; Version 1.0.1)
Daily Global 5km Marine Heatwave

Coral Disease Outbreak Risk Maps (Version 2)
Disease Outbreak Risk Maps
Multi-Factor Coral Disease Risk
Multi-factor Coral Disease Map
Ocean Color - Chlorophyll-a and Kd(490) (Version 1)
Ocean Color Image


Probabilistic Four-Month Coral Bleaching Heat Stress Outlook (Version 5)

Probabilistic Four-Month Bleaching Thermal Stress Outlook


Thermal History

Thermal History Product Map

Larval Connectivity
Larval Connectivity Image

Additional Remote Sensing Data Sources Online:

Icon for Remote Sensing Data Source Online