Multi-Factor Coral Disease Risk
(Version 1.0, officially released April 1, 2024, experimental product)

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Multi-Factor Coral Disease Risk Product


The regional Multi-Factor Coral Disease Risk Product summarizes model-predicted disease risk for U.S. and select international coral reef locations in the Pacific Ocean, based on a combination of environmental factors, to help resource managers, in-water monitoring networks, and other stakeholders quickly prepare for and respond to outbreaks of coral disease.


The regional or sub-regional maps and time series of coral disease risk, produced at ~5km resolution, identify current predicted disease risk and forecasted risk at 4-, 8-, and 12-weeks into the future. Additionally, each regional page summarizes the disease risk across the established warning levels and shows a time series of regional risk by disease type (growth anomalies and white syndromes).

Educational activity

An educational activity about the Shiny explorer for the Multi-Factor Coral Disease Risk Product is available here, with worksheet answers available here. The goal of this activity is to familiarize participants with use of the application and how they can tailor disease risk predictions based on knowledge of local conditions or desired management outcomes.