Ocean Acidification Product Suite (Version 0.6)
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Typical latency is on the order of a few months (see Disclaimer below).

Introduction to Ocean Acidification
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Archived OA Product Suite HDF Data Files
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The NOAA Coral Reef Watch (CRW) Experimental Ocean Acidification Product Suite (OAPS) offers an important synthesis of satellite and modeled environmental datasets to provide a synoptic estimate of sea surface carbonate chemistry in the Greater Caribbean Region. This tool compliments geochemical surveys and monitoring efforts in the region by providing estimates of changing ocean chemistry on a broader spatial and temporal scale than shipboard observations alone can permit. The maps presented here are monthly averages of daily estimates derived according to Gledhill et al. (2008). Near-real-time estimates (through Jan 2012) were modeled from daily fields of NOAA OI AVHRR-AMSRE SST, HYCOM + NCODA modeled sea surface salinity (SSS), NOAA NCEP sea-level pressure (SLP), and estimates of atmospheric CO2 derived from the NOAA Global Monitoring Division (GMD) Carbon Cycle Cooperative Global Air Sampling Network flask sample data.

Version 0.5 Released December 2010 - The latest version of the OAPS model applies sea surface salinity estimates derived using HYCOM+NCODA Global 1/12 degree Analysis (Nov 2003 to Jan 2012). For additional product details, view Methodology of CRW Ocean Acidification Products. Please contact coralreefwatch@noaa.gov with any questions.

NOTE: In 2014, scientists with the ACCRETE (Acidification, Climate, and Coral Reef Ecosystems Team) Lab of NOAA's Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory constructed a new tool to monitor ocean acidification over the wider Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. This tool utilizes satellite data and a data-assimilative hybrid model to map the components of the carbonate system of surface water. It serves as an update to CRW's OAPS (which is no longer updated in near-real-time).

The NOAA CRW OAPS Model is an EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCT and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the model data and figures offered on this site. No guarantee can be made with regard to the timeliness of OAPS availability. This product is dependent on multiple datasets which are themselves non-operational. Thus a latency of several months is not uncommon.