Satellites & Bleaching

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Satellite Remote Sensing

The most comprehensive remote sensing tutorial on the web:

Fundamentals of Remote Sensing: a tutorial from the Canadian Centre for Remote Sensing:

Intro to remote sensing for a general audience, from NASA:

Basics of satellite remote sensing, from the Comet Program's Meteorology Education and Training website:

Online remote sensing course from the U. of Wisconsin, focused on meteorology:

Lesson plans and resources from NOAA's Earth System Research Laboratory:

Coral Reefs

Online tutorial, teacher resources, and lesson plans, from NOAA:

A variety of educational materials, from NOAA's Coral Reef Conservation Program:

Background about coral reef conservation, from the EPA:

Teacher resources and classroom activities, from NASA:

Glossary of coral reef terms, from NOAA's CoRIS:

Remote Sensing and Coral Reefs

Lesson plans and classroom activities, from NOAA Coral Reef Watch:

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