Satellites & Bleaching

Hands-on Exercises for CRW's 50-km Products

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These exercises give practical examples of how to use the heritage suite of 50-km data products on the Coral Reef Watch (CRW) website. We recommend that you print out the questions, so you can follow the step-by-step instructions while you browse our website. Answers are in a separate document, to be compatible with classroom use.

Click here for the full set of questions (PDF, 685KB)

Click here for the full answer sheet (PDF, 356KB)

We also provide questions and answers for each 50-km product separately. Use these documents if you are only interested in one of our 50-km data products at a time.

Sea Surface Temperature (SST) (PDF, 469KB)

SST Anomaly (PDF, 358KB)

Bleaching Threshold (PDF, 169KB)

Coral Bleaching HotSpot (PDF, 235KB)

Degree Heating Week (PDF, 291KB)

Satellite Bleaching Alert (PDF, 106KB)

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