NOAA Coral Reef Watch will discontinue all operational twice-weekly 50km satellite coral bleaching heat stress monitoring products in mid-March 2020.

These products are being replaced with higher resolution daily 5km satellite products.

Archived 50km data and images will still be available at If you need any assistance, please contact


Experimental Virtual Stations

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for any of these sites.

Caribbean pixel maps
Florida pixel maps
Pacific pixel maps
Guam/CNMI pixel maps
Samoa/Fiji pixel maps
Hawaii pixel maps
Indian Ocean pixel maps
Coral Triangle pixel maps
Australia pixel maps
GBR pixel maps
Summary of current stress levels for all of the CRW Virtual Stations
Contact us to sign up for bleaching alert e-mails
for any of these sites.

Along with the worldwide data, we also focus in on some representative coral reef locations around the world. We call these "Virtual Stations": it is like having a temperature sensor in the water next to a reef, but it is completely based on satellite remote sensing measurements. Users can access time-series graphs and data for each of the Stations. To be more quickly informed you can also sign up for free automated e-mail alerts, which will warn you if corals in those areas are at risk for bleaching. All of these products are updated twice a week.

These experimental sites are open for comment, and the satellite data will be validated against in situ data where available. The new experimental sites complement the existing 24 operational Virtual Station sites, which have been running consistently since 2000.

List of all CRW Virtual Stations

CRTR_icon Development of this system was partly supported by the Remote Sensing Working Group of the Coral Reef Targeted Research (CRTR) Program, a partnership between the Global Environment Facility, the World Bank, the University of Queensland, NOAA, and approximately 40 research institutes and other third parties around the world.