Importance of an Early-Warning System for Coral Bleaching

"The strong relationship between temperature and the onset of mass bleaching allows managers to estimate the risk of coral bleaching based on forecast and observed climatic conditions and sea temperatures. This ability allows a manager to be the source of timely and credible information about bleaching risk for decision-makers, stakeholders and the media. Additionally, it provides important information needed for impact assessment and management responses."
- A Reef Manager's Guide to Coral Bleaching

To summarize, an early warning system:

  • is a key component of a bleaching response plan.
  • helps target field sampling.
  • builds credibility for management actions.
  • is a valuable communications tool.

  • Click below to watch a short video of Heidi Schuttenberg, one of the co-authors of the Reef Manager's Guide, explain the importance of a bleaching early-warning system in coral reef management.

    This video was produced for a free online course on reef resilience, developed by The Nature Conservancy.